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@OrphansFamily we believe 'Sense of Belongingness' is the blessing the orphans seek for. To fill this void we build inter-generational social bonds tailoring daughter-mother relationship between orphan girls and destitute elderly widows. 20 eco-cottages would house 20 elderly widows and 20 orphan girls, facilitating the bonding of mother-daughter relationship. Once established the facility is self-funding and would be in a position to fund a similar project by the end of eighth year of operation.

I will Give

I wish I would come down and work in this noble venture, but as I'm behind time I would like to support you with the fruits of my sweat.

We're humbled by your decision, we would like to oblige your generosity with our kind gifts. 

Let me Help

You're welcome. We're excited for you considering to get involved with us. We would be immensely pleased to have you at our campus - helping us in agriculture, raising livestocks, gardening, kitchen, etc. We invite skilled volunteers to facilitate agricultural production, renewable energy system development, fundraising, communication and donor relation. if you have less time to spare to come to campus, you may consider working from home as well. Write to us for more details...


Imagine how challenging your life would be if your parents had been snatched away from you at the tender age of 4. How difficult it would be to achieve your dream of becoming a doctor. Or how unloved and vulnerable you would feel if your family had thrown you out to face life on the streets aged 91, with nothing but the clothes on your back. 

It’s stories like these that inspired us to create OrphansFamily, a social enterprise and permaculture orphanage that brings together young orphaned girls and destitute elderly widows in a sustainable family environment. 

OrphansFamily offers a home, stability and true sense of belonging to young and old, helping them to rebuild their lives. India has over 31 million orphaned children and 1 in 8 elderly women are isolated, starved and abused so there’s a lot of work to be done.

In News

The Jerusalem Post, the English-language daily in Israel, published our story on its front page on July 03, 2013. The link to the article is

May 26, 2013 - Times of Israel published an article.


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